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[filed under Programming]Firefox canvas tag: fractal trees
Canvas tag:

The first time I came across the canvas tag was when Firefox 1.5 came out. You will need a browser that supports the canvas tag, so if you don't have Firefox 1.5 or above : go get it.
  • A couple of canvas demos showing images bouncing and moving.
  • Fractal trees. A different tree for every reader.
  • L-systems. Another type of fractal system based on text replacement. Fractals grow before your very eyes. Easy to use!
  • 3D wireframe demo. Spinning cube! An alien invader!
  • My Pictures a photo gallery.
  • A particle system. Bouncing balls and bouncing sperm. With real sperm-bouncing-physics.
6th of December, 2005@12:50:09 PM
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