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[filed under Programming]motorola flipout gameboid

I didn't find much on the net about the motorola flipout with gameboid. It works fine. The little 4 way pad at the bottom of the keyboard works as left right up and down and all the diaganols. The 4 way has a little ridge that becomes hard on the thumb after 20 minutes or so, but other than that the keys work well.

I also got Marvin (the ZX Spectrum emulator) working with the keyboard. Works great. R-Type doesn't work for some reason, it asks you to start and stop the tape which seems to confuse the emulator.

14th of May, 2011@8:11:09 PM
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[9th of Jun, 2011 @ 10:44 PM]
Kajos said:
Thanks for posting this! I ordered one and was wondering this. CPU looks fine, but I'd read somewhere it had some issues with the emulators..

So I can play Super Mario Bros soon!
[11th of Aug, 2011 @ 11:50 AM]
You are quite right. I read lots of articles and reviews about Motorola Flipout in general, but almost nothing about gameboid. Too bad(


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