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Info: Open Flash Chart 2 is out. Version 1.x and these pages will never disappear and the charts will continue working forever, but further development on 1.x has stopped. Take a look at version 2 here Open Flash Chart 2.

Gallery - Line - Extra Tooltip Info

Add extra tooltip info per data point.

Method: add_data_tip( $data, string $tip )

This will add a data point to the line object (or line_hollow or line_dot) along with some extra tooltip info.

You need to modify the tooltip string to display this extra tooltip info, the magic value is #tip#:

// NOTE: the extra tooltip info is on the second line
//       of the tooltip:
$g->set_tool_tip( '#x_label# [#val#]<br>#tip#' );	

Note: you can also include <br> in the #tip#, so you can create your own multi-line tooltip for each data point (or bar in a bar chart) e.g:

// .... your code ....
$data_1->add_data_tip( rand(14,19), 'Title<br>Line 1<br>Line 2' );

// .... more code ....
$g->set_tool_tip( '#tip#' );

// .... more code and render (see example)
Create the flash object
include_once 'ofc-library/open_flash_chart_object.php';
open_flash_chart_object450300'http://'$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] .'/open-flash-chart/gallery-data-51.php' );

include_once( 'ofc-library/open-flash-chart.php' );

// generate some random data

// NOTE: how we are filling 3 arrays full of data,
//       one for each line on the graph
$data_1 = new line2'#9933CC' );
$data_1->key'Page views'10 );

$data_2 = new line_hollow25'#CC3399' );
$data_2->key'Downloads'10 );

$data_3 = new line_hollow24'#80a033' );
$data_3->key'Bounces'10 );

$i=0$i<12$i++ )
$data_1->add_data_tiprand(14,19), '(Extra: '.$i.')' );
$data_2->add_data_tiprand(8,13), '(Extra: '.$i.')' );
$data_3->add_data_tiprand(1,7), '(Extra: '.$i.')' );

$g = new graph();
$g->title'Many data lines''{font-size: 20px; color: #736AFF}' );

$g->data_sets[] = $data_1;
$g->data_sets[] = $data_2;
$g->data_sets[] = $data_3;

$g->set_tool_tip'#x_label# [#val#]<br>#tip#' );

$g->set_x_labels( array( 'January','February','March','April','May','June','July','August','Spetember','October','November','December' ) );

$g->set_y_max20 );
$g->set_y_legend'Open Flash Chart'12'#736AFF' );
To see the data produced : gallery-data-51.php, then 'view source'.
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