Tutorial: Other libraries

All of the examples on this site use the PHP library that I wrote. The library simply makes it easier to build the JSON file for the chart to use (as you have seen in the previous tutorials)

There are other libraries available that are written in other languages. But, for all of the libraries just open them up in your debugger and step through the code to see what is happening. All of them are very simple :-) They all have similar objects and methods, so it is very easy to translate the PHP examples into the language of your choice. So don't be put off if you don't use PHP. Just skim over the example code and try to make sense of what it is doing :-)

Quick links to sections in this page:

I'm not sure where to drop this link, but for a good example of how to use the charts in a dashboard, check out the getclicky demo.


Pedro Visintin has written a rails library. Open Flash Chart Ruby On Rails library, the tutorial and documentation is here: on rails open flash chart tutorial. Open Flash Chart Lazy Rails Plugin

Lisowski Rafał also wrote a Rails plugin. Information about it, how install and a related projects at open flash chart 2. git repository: plugin and sample application.

Rails and Open Flash Chart database tutorial.

Rails and Open Flash Chart bar chart

Rails and Open Flash Chart Multi bar chart.


There are .NET controls (or libraries) in the download .zip file, written by 肖一方 (xiao yifang). Edit: The latest lib seems to be at: xiao-yifang.blogspot.com dot net open flash chart library, C#.

Here is a nice .NET library (visual studio 2008): OpenFlash-Chart-Fixing-Open-Source


There are Perl libraries in the download .zip file. Or search cpan for open flash chart and JSON. Hey, you code Perl. You're the guru, not me ;-)


Greg Vanore: http://code.google.com/p/ofcj/

Cedric Simon has a library.

Java Library Project: JOFC2 - Java API for Open Flash Chart 2

zhenhuazhu :java4openflashchart, source code.

Struts 2 library (is included in the download .zip file)
Tim Robertson: blog post.

OFCGWT for google webtoolkit.



Emanuel Fonseca: A Python library is included in the .zip file :-)

open-flash-chart-python google code project. This is the most up to date version of the Python libraries. Here is the tutorial.

Get help in the open flash chart Python forums

From Pradeep: You can see the pyOFC2 demo here: http://btbytes.github.com/pyofc2 and the code : http://github.com/btbytes/pyofc2




Google WebToolkit

Grant Slender: http://code.google.com/p/ofcgwt/

PHP - cake

Cake - open flash chart

Squeek smalltalk

A Smalltalker has created a wrapper for Seaside. Could you add it to your web site?

get it here, examples.

K Driedger http://extremedesigners.ca


PentahoFlashChart component is a library for including Open Flash Chart 2.0 charts in Pentaho. Nicholas Goodman


open flash chart c library by Yannick SILVA.

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