Charts - Pie Charts

The most common pie chart:

  • Pie chart.
  • Re-sizable pie chart showing how the labels move so they don't overlap.
  • Pie chart using localisation for numbers (e.g. 1.000,00).
For advance pie chart useage:

The tooltip text can contain these magic variables, they are replaced with

  • #val# - the number value of the slice
  • #total# - the total of all the slices
  • #percent# - the value as a percent
  • #label# - if you have passed in a label, the tooltip can contain it. This is useful if you set 'nolabel' to true, the pie chart will fill the area, but you can still display a unique label for each slice.
  • #radius# - to help figure out a good radius when you want to fix it.

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