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As you can see in the above example, a line chart has dots at each point. These dots are based on a default dot that we set for the line. Below are some examples of different default dots.
  • Line, default dot is a dot
  • Line, default dot is a solid dot
  • Line, default dot is a hollow dot
  • Line, default dot is a star
  • Line, default dot is a bow (also shows dot)
  • Line, default dot is a anchor (an n sided shape, where n > 2)

We set a default dot, then each dot inherits the attributes (colour, shape, size, etc) from the default dot.

Next are some examples that show how to override those default attributes, for a particular point we can override the default shape, or colour (or any other attribute.)

  • Advanced line chart attributes, such as custom attributes for individual points (colour, size, etc.) Tooltip customization. The sort of stuff you may need on occasion.
  • Arrows and tags are also useful to highlight points.
Next, line attributes: Animation on-show Other examples:

Don't forget that all charts can have on click events and can customize the tooltip look and feel.

For all your colour needs, check out, and colourzilla.

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