pie Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 pie ()
 set_colours ($colours)
 colours ($colours)
 set_alpha ($alpha)
 alpha ($alpha)
 set_values ($v)
 values ($v)
 set_animate ($bool)
 add_animation ($animation)
 set_start_angle ($angle)
 start_angle ($angle)
 set_tooltip ($tip)
 tooltip ($tip)
 set_gradient_fill ()
 gradient_fill ()
 set_label_colour ($label_colour)
 label_colour ($label_colour)
 set_no_labels ()
 on_click ($event)
 radius ($radius)

Detailed Description

Make a pie chart and fill it with pie slices

Member Function Documentation

add_animation ( animation  ) 

An object that inherits from base_pie_animation

alpha ( alpha  ) 

sugar wrapped set_alpha

colours ( colours  ) 

Sugar wrapped around set_colours

gradient_fill (  ) 

label_colour ( label_colour  ) 

on_click ( event  ) 

pie (  ) 

radius ( radius  ) 

Fix the radius of the pie chart. Take a look at the magic variable radius# for helping figure out what radius to set it to.

$radius as number

set_alpha ( alpha  ) 

$alpha as float (0-1) 0.75 = 3/4 visible

set_animate ( bool  ) 

HACK to keep old code working.

set_colours ( colours  ) 

set_gradient_fill (  ) 

set_label_colour ( label_colour  ) 

By default each label is the same colour as the slice, but you can ovveride that behaviour using this method.

$label_colour as string HEX colour;

set_no_labels (  ) 

Turn off the labels

set_start_angle ( angle  ) 

$angle as real number

set_tooltip ( tip  ) 

$tip as string. The tooltip text. May contain magic varibles

set_values ( v  ) 

$v as array containing one of
  • null
  • real or integer number
  • a pie_value object

start_angle ( angle  ) 

sugar for set_start_angle

tooltip ( tip  ) 

sugar for set_tooltip

values ( v  ) 

sugar for set_values

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