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Tesco VX1 Party Phone review

OK phone, cheap and cheerful. Just calls and text msgs. Which is fine for me :)

When texting PRESS # to turn off predictive text!

For more hints and tips see the VX-1 MINI MOBILE PHONE FAQ

9th of June, 2010@5:01:16 PM
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Blair Julian - JOIN FACEBOOK - ok thx bye

24th of July, 2009@3:16:25 PM
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vista sucks

OK, this is how utter turd Vista is. I have a folder that is in my Documents. I can't delete it.

I right click -> delete. It asks am I sure. Then asks am I sure (again), then asks if I am sure (again!!) then says I need permission to delete a folder I only just created.


Vista - looks nice. Works like an arse.

23rd of July, 2008@10:52:02 PM
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Excelent shot sci fi story

Wow, this story sent my little mind reeling! That Alien Message.

23rd of May, 2008@10:48:05 AM
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v. amusing:

The Mormon Church is trying to censor the internet, which prompted the following responses:

  That would be as easy as pushing water uphill with a sharp stick :-)

  It's quite easy, if you freeze the water into the shape of a wheel and put the sharp stick through the middle.
  "What do they teach in the schools these days?"

  My Dad used to always say "Poking butter up a wildcat's ass"
  I find it gives a good mental picture of difficult, and not worth trying.

Heh :-)


14th of May, 2008@5:30:56 PM
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Free time + boring telly = open source

My girlfriend Tray loves the telly. I try to do a couple of hours 'us time' with her infront of the shit spewing, adjenda setting filth box. But I kinda hate it.

So for the other 6 hours of utter bordom in the day I do a little coding and a little reading.

Clay Shirky has written a nice essay on how bored people are turning away from the hypnobox and are doing something with their free time. So, find something that you find interesting, and start creating. If I could ask for stuff, it'd be YouTube videos of big, fat ladies falling over. Get to work :-)

28th of April, 2008@9:53:22 AM
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Large hadron collider

Close to five billion Euros spent on a machine that we all hope will show us something new. Anything new. We don't care what it is.

28th of March, 2008@8:41:15 AM
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