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kfc mmmm
Me and Dan had kfc. Mmmmm, delicious. He had some sort of super massive meal deal with beans, I had the same with corn on the cob on a stick.

Please note the blur that is Dans hand. During a kfc feast it flaps faster than a humming birds wing (70-90 beats a second.)
5th of September, 2006@6:59:29 PM
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wot the ell

Aaaarrrrr! Har-har! Arrrrrr!

Avast me hearties! I 'ave bin sailin' the seven seas lootin' an plunderin' in my good ship wot-the-feckin-ell-is-goin-on-ere-me-ansum?

Posted here is a carving of good likeness of me, yer cap'n, during a daring adventure as I sailed through tretcherous reef of wrecked farm equipment. The grass was almost four foot high in places! Arrrr!

Shiver me timbers. Ther were a scary night of it. Arrr! But a barrel of grog and nerves of STEEL saw me through it.

Q: Why are pirates, pirates?

A: Because they ARRRR!
5th of September, 2006@6:59:10 PM
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the green party
If life hands you lemons, then make lemonade.

If life hands you two people struggling to come to terms with their gayness greeness then take photo's and post them online.

I don't make the rules, I simply follow them.

Dan dressed up as the incredible hulk for a party, but instead of buying face paint he used green food dye (don't try this at home kids.) Aparently getting naked and rolling in it is the prefered method. The photo's show him after he'd had a couple of showers to try and scrub it off.


This is Mike. I did ask, but no one seemed to know why he was green. Just one of those things.

Everyone knows that posh chicks drink out of small cocktail glasses.
4th of September, 2006@8:54:12 PM
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this is what we do
Sunday, the 13th of August, 2006.

It started out a weird kind of day, I didn't manage to wake Dan by banging on his door, so when he got to Hayle 3 minutes after I got there he was a bit shitty with me. Sorry man. You were sparked right out (or deaf).

Then I saw the bloke who tried to kill me with his kite on Saturday, so I spent a couple of minutes shouting at him. He managed to put rope burns in my wetsuit, tear my elbow half off and take a chunk out of my bar - I was not best please with him.

Then a few hours later, the tide was getting to that sweet spot, the wind had picked up and people were starting to get out, leaving plenty of space for us.

Me, Dan, Alex and the Kirbys were launching some nice jumps. We had a couple of close calls, I nearly landed on Alex's head, ha! How we laughed about it later. It was scary at the time, I looked down and did all that complex mental math: I'm going up, then across then down, the kite is pulling me here, soon it'll pull me over there. I look down and see Alex burning along, right into the spot I was planning on landing. Doh.

Later Dan boosted a massive air. He was up there, and I was down on the water looking up. As he landed he'd swung under his kite a bit and the lines went slack, then his kite fell into the window and powered right up. Quickly. Dan supermaned out of the water, then poof! His equipment exploded.

I turns out that the power line tore through his depower strap. Impressive. They are designed to hold, like, seven times a persons weight. Hm, that's like 15 stone x 7 = 105 stone of power? Nah, that can't be right.

Anyway, that was Dans session over, so he took some photo's of me:

my nice wook

tail grab

'nother tail grab

just jumpin'

In this photo, Kirby is jumping me.
15th of August, 2006@3:19:16 PM
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North Coast Secrets

An addit, Pendeen

Porthnanven, home of some pretty weird bolders.
11th of July, 2006@5:31:27 PM
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13th of June, 2006@6:57:11 PM
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Engine House

11th of May, 2006@10:47:10 PM
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