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Photo's and pictures
All of the photos are in the gallery, but the 'top ten' pages are very popular, so here are the links:
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  • The kiting gallery, pictures of us using kites to jump up, over or off things.

Nearly all the photo's on this site can be commented on and given a score out of ten. Each photos score determins if it is in the your top ten page.
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  The rest of this page is my blog about arty stuff.


Hermit crab in a glass shell.

Very cool, but how does he sleep at night?

31st of January, 2008@1:40:40 PM
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1st of October, 2007@3:38:57 PM
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land hermit crab pictures

Hermie in his original shell

In football shell 1

In football shell 2

More hermie posts here, and here.

Here I am dressed as Gene Simmons. It turns out, you can't tell Gene Simmons to do anything. He does whatever the fuck he wants. That's rock and roll, baby.
3rd of July, 2007@11:40:10 PM
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glass shark I love my disco robot
New years, 2007

i love my disco robot

Requesting input....

System overload -- too much DISCO


Honestly, it was this big. But it got away.



.... and shhhh

beep. beep. beep.

Metal Y-fronts. Winner.

system configuration

Unable to find .ini file. System halt. Core dump.

Robot #1.
Before good, before evil,
before heaven and earth, man and beast
there stood one robot.
Disco robot.
i love my disco robot
27th of January, 2007@7:22:59 PM
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dans birthday 06


Beaver and Emily. Just so wrong.

Cup of tea Pat? Nah, but I'll have a tin of Fosters.

Witch doctor, Cat, Santa's Little Helper and Man

Superman. Nice pants.

Who's the more manly?
22nd of November, 2006@9:30:51 PM
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Just take a look at this picture...

That's Martin Vari kitesurfing Teahupo'o, it's worth noting that he's a bit high in the wave right? A bit too high maybe? Take a look at the kite bar in his hands, now follow the lines up to where they are stuck in the lip. You just know that ain't gunna be pretty ... check out the whole sequence here.

And this is another sweet sequence.
28th of October, 2006@4:40:04 PM
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19th of October, 2006@7:23:21 PM
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