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Home Made Kites + Equipment
Help and plans on how to build some of this equipment yourself [ and save a few quid to boot! ] Equipment made:
  • kiteboard made from plywood.
  • 5.5 meter Gamma hybrid (similar to a Flexifoil blade)
  • Kite knee board, for kitesurfing.
  • 2.7 meter WilliWing (a ram air sled similar to the Peter Lynn Arc)
  • 13 meter (aspect ratio 6) inflatable leading edge single skin kite. Very similar to the Naish ARX.
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Dan at Gwithain
Dan going big at Gwithian. 8m Naish Aero II and Brunotti Limited Edition 115cm.

Stills taken from a movie, then combined by the photoshoping pro, Dan.

25th of January, 2006@9:02:21 PM
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Gwithian Kitesurfing
Me and Dan kitesurfing at Gwithian.

Photo's courtesy of
30th of November, 2005@11:27:28 AM
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So, a few days ago, out kitesurfing at Marazion my brother got caught in a big gust. When it blew through there were only two of them out kitesurfing, Dan and some other guy .

Dan said that the gust lifted him pretty high for a long time before dumping him a couple of hundred meters up the beach. When he landed and hit his punch out system, he saw the other guy lying on the beach, semi consious, helmet off, kite depowered out on its leish. Dan ran over to grab his kite. The guys face was masked in blood.


Anyway, down at Marazion again yesterday and the rumour was, the guy'd snapped his pelvis and would be out of the water for a long time.

Double ouch....

So, question of the day was 'Is it gusty out there?'
10th of May, 2005@10:33:07 AM
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Children of Iraq
Please take a look at what we've done. Thanks.
25th of January, 2005@8:16:34 AM
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Ook - Rewrite
I wrote ook in python, but damn me if it wasn't fucking hard to install all of the crap that it needs for ook to run. This is a program fro designing kites, and people who design kites do not want to be ass mongering around downloading and installing so many libraries.

Sorry Python - too complex.

Paraglider, caught off
Carn Brea, enjoying the
Photo: Tracy
So I've been thinking about a re-write. I initially thought C# cos I use it here at work, but that means almost a total re-write of all the code.

Should I move ook to dot net? I can't decide. I am very interested in mono as it is a free dot net implementation and cross platform... But it doesn't as of yet support windows forms.

Because I use C# all day at work it seems the obvious choice. So, I'll need the following:
  • OpenGL - for the 3D view of the kite
  • PDF printing
  • Graph control (or NPlot)to show the profiles.


Yay! Woop-woop. Got dot net installed and started hacking a bit of code together. Got a kite up in 3D... but more importantly, what am I going to call this application? Ook? Ook2? Eeek? Ook-ook-eeeek?

In my head I'm hearing this Donkey Kong ( for the N64 ) scream as he plays the bongo's. 'Eeeeek.'


OpenGL lighting.
Projecting an image onto a 3D shape. Would this help in projecting the cut lines onto the kite?

21st of December, 2004@2:21:29 PM
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Lofting: think you're safe?
Check out this video: when to let go? Never seen anything like this before, but I've seen plenty of overpowered spankings. Keep it low, at least then if a gust hits, you're only traveling horizontally , not directly up. And, advice number 2, (this one's also for free) don't launch a kite 4 meters larger than everyone else. That's just silly.
22nd of October, 2004@10:31:41 AM
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Who we are
1st of October, 2004@8:22:38 AM
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