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Home Made Kites + Equipment
Help and plans on how to build some of this equipment yourself [ and save a few quid to boot! ] Equipment made:
  • kiteboard made from plywood.
  • 5.5 meter Gamma hybrid (similar to a Flexifoil blade)
  • Kite knee board, for kitesurfing.
  • 2.7 meter WilliWing (a ram air sled similar to the Peter Lynn Arc)
  • 13 meter (aspect ratio 6) inflatable leading edge single skin kite. Very similar to the Naish ARX.
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Best kiteboarding 2008
15th of October, 2007@1:05:52 PM
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big kiteloop
10th of October, 2007@2:16:27 PM
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Naish Sigma Video
Dan, check this video out. At one point the dude is at the same height as his kite. Short lines though....

Naish Helix Sigma
24th of August, 2007@1:32:57 PM
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crazy ski glider
Check out this crazy video of ski glider-ing.
22nd of November, 2006@7:00:57 PM
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Cursor Kite
Someone built a kite to look like the windows cursor, then pointed it at things and took photos.

Pointer kite.

What a great idea!
25th of July, 2006@12:26:36 PM
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Peter Lynn: S-Arc
G-aaah! I took out my 630 Arc this weekend in 24-27mph winds, and while I was trying to launch it, the kite inverted and the lines got tangled round the spar. The upshot was the spar ripped through the end of the pocket. G-aaah! No kitesurfing for me that day :-( I will take some photos of the repair process.

And I will also have to learn how to launch the thing. It's so hard to launch without it inverting then tangling the lines. I hate launching this kite.


Ok, finished repairing my Arc, here are the photos.


Well, testing my repaired Arc this weekend I managed to snap my plyboard.


Sooo, one new kiteboard later [ North Dragon L ]..... and more Arc news. This time the other spar punched through the webbing. Nice one.


Rad. I haven't looked this far back in my blog for ages. Todays date is 11th April 06, I have sold my Arc (crap kite for kitesurfing) I have also sold my North Dragon (loverly board) and I now own a 9m Fuel, a 13m Fuel and an 18m X2. I also have a new RRD XXX board. Sweet, sweet kitesurfing tools.

11th of April, 2006@1:30:59 PM
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Items I covet
Items I covet, desire, crave.

Like any bad boy addiction, the first one is always free. Then they jack up the price, leaving me lost, broken, shaking in the gutter of life.
It'll be interesting to look back on this in a years time. See how my opinions have changed (last year? I got an Arc. Ooh. Bad choice...)
11th of April, 2006@1:21:10 PM
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